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Death Metal Racing

Destroyer Design Machined Into Your 18-up Softail Fender Struts

Destroyer Design Machined Into Your 18-up Softail Fender Struts

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We can machine our destroyer design into your stock fender struts. Send us your 2018-up softail fender struts (Streebob, Superglide, Lowrider, Lowrider S, Lowrider ST, El Diablo). We will machine the struts and can powdercoat after machining, if you select the powdercoat option. To machine your stock struts it is $325 (which also covers shipping back to you) and powdercoat is an additional $125. Turnaround time on machining is typically 3 weeks give or take on machining. Just depends on the work load we have already when we receive your struts. Powdercoat is an additional week to week and a half. If you do not select any powdercoat option, the struts will be bare aluminum where the design is machined into the part and the rest will be the same finish/color it was when you sent the parts to us. WE DO NOT STRIP THE ORIGINAL POWDERCOAT IF YOU SELECT THE "NO POWDERCOAT" OPTION. To purchace, select whether you want powdercoat or not, then add to cart and checkout. Print receipt and put in the box with struts and ship to us. Be sure to pack really well so they don't get damaged during shipping. We also highly recommend that you get insurance for the full value of the struts in case they get lost or damaged in transit. Once we receive the struts we will get them in line and done. Please ship them with the receipt to


Boosted Brads/Death Metal Racing

226 S. Headden Dr.

Ridgely, Tn 38080

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