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ThunderMax - iRide Front & Rear Active Suspension for ‘21-up Touring

ThunderMax - iRide Front & Rear Active Suspension for ‘21-up Touring

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Compressor Mount
Coil Over
Command Center Finish

Installation Instructions

Part Number: IA21xx-x1

* Front and Rear iRIDE kits comes with what you need to run air-line and control your front suspension. Customer must supply front suspension components. 

The all new iRIDE Intelligent Ride Control system is the most advanced air-assisted suspension on the market for your 2021 - Up Touring® motorcycle. Featuring Patent Pending technology with automatic load leveling, this means no more removing the saddle bag for manual adjustments to your suspension for riding one-up, two-up, or with luggage. The iRIDE system features a touchscreen display and gauge interface allowing full control of your motorcycle’s ride height based on vehicle speed including stopped, city, and highway modes. Combined with superior suspension cushion and dampening control, the iRIDE system was developed to provide the absolute BEST RIDE IMAGINEABLE!

iRIDE Benefits Include:

Precisely and automatically adjusts to rider, passenger, and luggage weight

Fully adjustable “stopped” seat height level = No more tip-toe stops at the red light

Automatically raises and lowers based on speed for improved suspension performance

Eliminates the need for removing saddle bags to adjust suspension and spring preload

Features high quality coil-over shock & air spring cylinder for improved ride quality

Touch-screen display interface for quick & simple setup and mode selections

Patent Pending technology and design + 100% designed & manufactured in the USA!


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